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Kompetensakademins trainings

Here you can see all of our trainings.

Personal efficiency SmartTime® plus effective meetings

3 full days over a period of 2 months

Achieving a completely structured and efficient workday for both groups and individuals. Do you ever struggle with managing competing priorities and…

Personal efficiency SmartTime®

2 full days + 1 half day over a period of 2 months

Get more done, enhance your perspective and control while minimizing stress through planning and creating structure. Are there times when you feel st…

Personal efficiency SmartMail®

1 full day + 1 half day, over a period of 1 month

SmartMail® - efficient mail processing SmartMail® is a training in personal efficiency in 2 steps spread over a two month period. The aim is to get m…

Effective Meetings SmartMeetings

1 full day + 1 halfday over a period of 5-7 weeks

Effective meetings produce better results in less time when they are structured and defined with clear objectives. Today’s managers spend between 25…

Group efficiency SmartTime® Activity-based

2 full days, over a period of 2 month

Your relocation can be both very effective and contribute to a positive change for groups as well as employees. A change of the office environment, s…

Group efficiency SmartTeams™

IPU Profilanalys® + team activity

Groups that understand each other work better together and achieve goals both easier and faster. By better understanding their own and the behavior o…

Personal efficiency Follow-up day

1 full day

Learning only happens through repetition, and this day will both refresh and further develop skills for working smarter and more effectively with the…