The Company

Smart, simple, efficient and inspirational!

Presumably that is how you want each of your employees to feel about their work process, and at Kompetensakademin Norden AB we specialize in just that. Through our training programs we teach simple and efficient work practices that improve productivity and at the same time inspire individuals to work smarter getting more things done with minimal amount of effort.

Our background

The company was founded in 2004 (Jobba Smartare AB 2004-2010, Kompetensakademin 2010-) by Niklas Lindberg, who have 20 years of experience implementing effective work processes in fun and inspiring ways. 

The Company

Kompetensakademin Norden AB is one of Sweden’s leading training companies in efficiency training. We are represented with offices in Helsingborg, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Uppsala and Västerås and we cover all of Sweden.

We provide trainings in Swedish and English and if you are interested, we are happy to travel to wherever your office may be. 

Our values

- Customer Focus

It is our ambition to always exhibit compassion, commitment and professionalism and to always strive to exceed our customers' expectations.

- Development

We want to be the absolute best provider of training courses in both personal- and meeting efficiency. To that end, we are continuously improving and refining our own knowledge and skills thereby always striving to become even better at what we do and the trainings we provide.

- Joy and Passion

Every day is the best day! As consultants at Kompetensakademin Norden AB we think that we have the funnest jobs in the world and we want it to show. We take things very seriously, but everything does not have to be serious all the time.

Smartmetoden 5S LEAN


Our registered trademark SmartMetoden®, translates in English to Smart Method, it represents our unique teaching method which combines: Theory - Practical Experience - Individual Coaching - Implementation and Follow-up.

Brands and Trademarks

Kompetensakademin  Norden AB owns the rights to the trademarks SmartTime®, eSmartTime®, SmartaMöten® (SmartMeetings), SmartMail® (Smart Email), eSmartMail®, SmartaTeam® (SmartTeams) and SmartMetoden® (SmartMethod).

Charities we support

Every year Kompetensakademin Norden AB contributes to a number of charities by way of donations. The past few years we have supported UNHCR, WWF, Red Cross and the cancer fund.