Personal efficiency, Online education eSmartMail® Approximately 5 hours over a period of about 3-6 weeks

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3,600:- excluding VAT per participant
Approximately 5 hours over a period of about a month
Online via computer, tablet or mobile


online training course with a personal coach, when it suits you!


Do you ever get the feeling that emails and other digital channels dominate your time? Email has become one of our biggest time thieves - when it should really be the tool that simplifies our working day and makes us more efficient. Does it feel like time to become best friends with your email, and learn the clever Outlook tricks (or other mail programs)? Then we have the solution!


You decide for yourself when you want to complete the course, and it’s carried out online in a fun, inspiring manner, using videos, texts, quizzes, reports and practical exercises. As well as the possibility of help from your personal coach when you need it.

For the practical element, you only work with your own tasks, your own mail, your own documents, your own time, your own technical functions, and so on. This means that you actually get work done, even when you’re completing the training course.

Before the course, you’ll be contacted by your coach, who will give you access to everything you need, including contact information for when you need help.

More about the course

Efficient mail management and digital communication; everything you need to reduce stress and free up your time

eSmartMail® is an online training course. It gives you access to a personal coach, and the aim is to get more done by working more simply, more intelligently and more efficiently, with complete control of your emails and your time. It’s about your actions in relation to everything new that happens in your role as both a sender and a receiver of mail. The focus of the course is on both user behaviour and technical solutions to be found in mail programs, such as Outlook. The goal for you as a participant is to gain an increased control of the constant inflow, to reduce stress, and to free up time for the important things. The training program is suitable for all types of business.

Online Kombinerat

Contact us if you have questions

Feel free to contact any of our efficiency specialists/coaches if you have any questions, or just want to get started. You can find our contact details here, and you will always receive a quick response. We’re visible, online!

Need a quote for larger groups or the entire organisation?

Maybe you’re interested in offering eSmartMail® to many people in your organisation, and getting a nice bulk deal. We can of course arrange the perfect set-up and price. And it’s also possible to integrate the training course with your own LMS. We look forward to providing you with a fantastic proposal!

Smartmetoden 5S LEAN

SmartMetoden® - theory, practice, individual coaching, training and follow-up

The course is run according to the SmartMetoden® method. You do the theory part online whenever you want, carry out tasks tied to you own work, and have access to a personal coach both during and after the course.

Course content


  • Email guidelines for both sender and receiver
  • Smart digital communication, for example in Teams
  • Decision model: Discard-Save-Do; a smart method for managing the in and outflows of mail, chats, calls, documents, meetings, and so on
  • Technical functionality in Outlook (folders, calendar, to-do lists, notifications and other settings and aids)
  • Instruction videos for Outlook
  • Manage and minimise/eliminate interruptions
  • Task or incident-focused?
  • How do I keep my inbox in order?
  • Structure and tidiness for emails and documents
  • Time and energy thieves – and their solutions!
  • Changing habits & You are your own boss!
  • Practical implementation
  • The coaching discussion: Including the possibility to ask about OneNote and/or Teams, for example
  • Extra material available to download
  • Instruction videos for OneNote
  • Course evaluation and certificate
Course sheet