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Personal efficiency Follow-up day

1 full day

Learning only happens through repetition, and this day will both refresh and further develop skills for working smarter and more effectively with the least amount of effort.

Even good work practices need to be continually strengthened and developed in order to be most effective. Whether you just want to maintain and refine what you have already learned, or if you want to take a new steps further improving your work habits this refresher day is the perfect opportunity to follow-up on your progress and find new inspiration.

Follow-up day

Our Follow-up course is for those who have already completed one of our trainings. As habits are often difficult to change, the purpose of this day is to refresh and follow-up on what you have learned, as well as build on and further immerse participants in the various areas they have worked through during the course.

Lean and 5S

In our Follow-up days we use elements of Lean and the 5S system for identifying wastes of time and resources. By eliminating these, we create more time for quality work,while also achieving and maintaining order in the workplace.

What the day will include

The structure and content of the follow-up day depends on which training the group has completed. The consultant, together with the participants, will jointly determine what they want the day to be used for and what the focus areas should be.

Course overview for follow-up days:

  • Repetition of all parts
  • Progression / new skills
  • Discussion / workshop
  • Individual work
  • Personal coaching
  • How to proceed and further create routines for themselves
  • Specific requests