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Personal efficiency SmartMail®

1 full day + 1 half day, over a period of 1 month

SmartMail® - efficient mail processing

SmartMail® is a training in personal efficiency in 2 steps spread over a two month period. The aim is to get more done by working easier, smarter and more efficiently with full control over your e-mail. It is about how you relate to everything new that shows up as both a sender and receiver. The focus is on both user-behavior and technical solutions in e-mail programs, for example Outlook or Lotus Notes. The goal of each participant is to get more control over the constant inflow of information, reduce stress and free up time for what is important. The training is suitable for all types of businesses, both private and public

Lean and 5S

In SmartTime® we use elements of Lean Production and the 5S system for identifying wastes of time and resources. By eliminating these, we create more time for quality work,while also achieving and maintaining order in the workplace.


Our registered trademark SmartMetoden®, translates in English to Smart Method, it represents our unique teaching method which combines theory - practical experience - individual coaching - implementation and follow-up.

Course overview for SmartMail®:

  • Email guidelines for both sender and receiver
  • Model of Decision; Discard - Save - Do, a Smart approach to handling the inflow and outflow of emails, telephone calls and documents.
  • Helpful functions in Outlook (folders, calendar, tasklist, alarms, settings and helpful features)
  • Task driven vs. Event driven
  • Managing email
  • Optimizing and maintaining digital structure & order
  • Uncovering & solving time and energy thieves
  • Changing habits and the Right Mental Attitude
  • Practical work with individual, personal coaching
  • Summary / Certification