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Effective Meetings SmartMeetings

1 full day + 1 halfday over a period of 5-7 weeks

Effective meetings produce better results in less time when they are structured and defined with clear objectives.

Today’s managers spend between 25-50% of their time in meetings, many of which have no specific agenda, goals or follow-up procedures or are simply held out of habit. The allotted times are often not respected, mobile phones and laptops distract and diminish focus, and many meetings adjourn without a sense of having reached a result.  Does it feel like your meetings just take your time and energy instead of moving the company forward toward its’ goals? Would you like to improve your meeting effectiveness and increase productivity by implementing excellent meeting practices? We can help. 

SmartMeetings (SmartaMöten®) - achieving effecitve meetings

SmartMeetings is a 1.5 day training in meeting efficiency, where the aim is fewer and shorter meetings, clearer objectives, better summations, evaluations and follow-ups, as well as a more enjoyable and productive collaboration within the group.  Good meeting practices are achieved, among other things, by clearly defining the purpose and goals of the meetings, creating relevant meeting structures and ensuring the meeting guidelines and contents are appropriate. This training is suitable for all types of businesses, both private and public.

Three main focus areas

All SmartMeeting trainings are customized to cater to the specific need of the company and focus on how to take responsibility for the quality of the meetings they hold and/or attend. Our most popular trainings are designed for three main areas: for those who often lead meetings, for a specific group who work together and want to improve their meeting skills, and for companies who just want their employees to learn good meeting practices in general.

Lean and 5S

In SmartMeetings we use elements of Lean Production and the 5S system for identifying wastes of time and resources. By eliminating these, we create more time for quality work, while also achieving and maintaining order in the workplace.


Our registered trademark SmartMetoden®, translates in English to Smart Method, it represents our unique teaching method which combines theory - practical experience - individual coaching - implementation and follow-up.

IPU Profilanalys®

As a complement to SmartMeetings we offer the possibility of adding an IPU Profile analysis®. This will include a separate feed-back session, where the results are reviewed individually. Contact us for more information.  

Course overview for SmartMeetings:

  • The meeting puzzle – which parts are necessary
  • Purpose
  • Goal/Target steering
  • Content/Agenda
  • Protocol/Actionplanning
  • Information, discussion or decision
  • Meeting discipline; before, during and after
  • Summoning the correct attendants
  • Meeting policies and rules
  • Decision making skills
  • Types of rolls: Chairperson, secretary and delegate
  • Different personalities are a strength
  • What happens when a group is stressed
  • Workshops for creating protocol, content and rules
  • Summarizing meetings and evaluation
  • 9 keys for smart meetings, checklist
  • Summary/Course certificate