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Smarta team skapar team som enklare uppnår uppsatta mål

Group efficiency SmartTeams™

IPU Profilanalys® + team activity

Groups that understand each other work better together and achieve goals both easier and faster.

By better understanding their own and the behavior of others, group members can better cooperate, build more effective teams and create optimal conditions for increased sales and personal development. IPU Profile Analysis® is a simple tool used for describing behaviors in a pedagogical way by using different colors for different profiles. 

SmartTeams with IPU Profile Analysis®

SmartTeams™ is a course for groups or project teams who work together. The aim is to strengthen cooperation and build effective teams so they can achieve team goals easier, faster and more enthusiastically. The training takes place during one day + one half day and is fully customized to suit the groups needs after an initial consultation. Prior to the actual training, all participants are required to take an IPU profile Analysis®. The results of the analysis are reviewed by the group members individually together with the consultant before the scheduled day of training. The finished report is very comprehensive and specifies among other points in which specific areas the individual person contributes to the organization, tips for better communication, ideal working conditions, keys to motivation, advice to supervisors and suggests areas that can be developed. 


Our registered trademark SmartMetoden®, translates in English to Smart Method, it represents our unique teaching method which combines theory - practical experience - individual coaching - implementation and follow-up.. 

Suitable for all types of companies

The training is suitable for all types of businesses, both private and public, and is adapted to suit time, content and set-up depending on the group, the specific conditions and what results you wish to achieve .