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Smart time utbildning i personlig effektivitet, minskad stress och struktur i arbetet

Personal efficiency SmartTime®

2 full days over a period of 1 month

Get more done, enhance your perspective and control while minimizing stress through planning and creating structure.

Are there times when you feel stressed and overwhelmed because you have too much to do? Does it feel like you don’t even know where to start because everything seems equally important? We can help.


Smart Time® is a training in personal efficiency in 2.5 steps (3 days) normally spread over a three to four-month period. The purpose is to work smarter, to be able to focus on what is really important and that which adds value for the company. The goal of each participant is to work with greater control over their tasks and documents, get clear on their priorities. This training is suitable for all types of businesses, both private and public.

Lean and 5S

In SmartTime® we use elements of Lean Production and the 5S system for identifying wastes of time and resources. By eliminating these, we create more time for quality work,while also achieving and maintaining order in the workplace.


Our registered trademark SmartMetoden®, translates in English to Smart Method, it represents our unique teaching method which combines theory - practical experience - individual coaching - implementation and follow-up.

Course overview for SmartTime®:

  • Email guidelines for both sender and receiver
  • Smart, digital comunication
  • Model of Decision; Discard - Save - Do, a Smart approach to handling the inflow and outflow of emails, telephone calls and documents.
  • Helpful functions in Outlook (folders, calendar, tasklist, alarms, settings and helpful features)
  • Task driven vs. Event driven
  • Managing email
  • Optimizing and maintaining digital structure & order
  • OneNote (and Teams)
  • Uncovering & solving time and energy thieves
  • Changing habits and the Right Mental Attitude
  • Structure and order on the desktop
  • Planning and managing priorities
  • Smart goals for the day, week, month and year
  • Benefits of daily and weekly reviews
  • Booking time with yourself
  • Delegating most effectively
  • Creating Action Plans
  • Working with flexibility: Where, when and how
  • Practical work with individual, personal coaching
  • Summary / Certification